WQT Trading Recovery: Latest Updates and Ongoing Developments

2 min readMay 17, 2023


β€‹β€‹πŸ“’ WQT Trading Recovery: Latest Updates and Ongoing Developments πŸ”„
We are thrilled to provide you with the latest updates on the WQT trading recovery process and share exciting ongoing developments:

1️⃣ Token Calculations: The token calculations have been completed. Exchanges are receiving them for further distribution. Before trading starts, tokens will be distributed for everyone who bought on PancakeSwap. Stay tuned for the exact dates of trading resumption.

The amount of distributed tokens was calculated differently for two types of users:

Type A users: πŸ’ͺ These are users who purchased tokens before the hack. They will receive a 1:1 token exchange ratio. For example, if a user had 1000 tokens before the snapshot, they will receive 1000 tokens.

Type B users: πŸ”„ These are users who purchased tokens after the hack when the price had dropped significantly. They will receive tokens based on the ratio β€” 1 divided by 13.5 (1Γ·13.5). For instance, if a user purchased 1000 tokens, they will receive 1000/13.5 = 74.07 new tokens.

2️⃣ Bridge Relaunch and Liquidity Mining: Our team is actively working on relaunching the bridge for WQT between blockchains and initiating a new liquidity mining program for the BSC pool on PancakeSwap. This will further enhance liquidity and accessibility for our community.

3️⃣ Platform Launch and Future Releases: We want to emphasize that our project is dedicated to delivering on our roadmap. We have exciting plans ahead, including the launch of our platform and multiple upcoming releases. Despite recent events, our development efforts have not halted even for a day.

We greatly appreciate the support and patience of our community throughout this recovery process. We are committed to transparent and fair solutions, ensuring the best possible outcomes for all WQT holders.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we progress towards a brighter future for WorkQuest.




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