$WQT Tokenomics and Distribution Schedule

The WorkQuest Team is ready to present the $WQT token inflation rate plan!

Have a look at the chart we have prepared to learn how many tokens are available on different stages of token offering since the Token Generation Events of April 5th, 2021!

🔹 Seed Round:

Seed tokens amount: 3,000,000 WQT

Released on Listing: 20% on TGE 600,000 WQT

🔹 Private Round:

Seed tokens amount: 5,000,000 WQT

Released on Listing: 25% on TGE 1,250,000 WQT

🔹 Public Round:

Seed tokens amount: 750,000 WQT

Released on Listing: Fully unlocked 750,000 WQT

General information about the token:

Token Ticker: WQT
Total Supply: 100,000,000 WQT
Total Sale Supply: 8,750,000 WQT
Initial Circulating Supply: 2,600,000 WQT*

Reserve Fund: 10,000,000 WQT
Staking Fund: 26,250,000 WQT
WQT Team: 10,000,000 WQT
WQT Liquidity: 15,000,000 WQT
Marketing: 10,000,000 WQT
P2P Insurance Fund: 10,000,000 WQT
WQT Ecosystem and partners: 10,000,000 WQT

Feel free to purchase the WorkQuest token today!

📌 Learn more at https://workquest.co/

WorkQuest to the Moon! 🚀

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