WQT: Token metrics and sale details

2 min readApr 3, 2021


We know that our community has been waiting for this moment for a long time, and finally, WorkQuest team is happy to share token metrics and token sale details with everyone.

The team has been developing this sale model for over a month in order to maintain the healthiest possible price action, and still having sufficient funds for development. Feel free to share your opinion about it in our TG community.

General information

Token ticker: WQT
Total supply: 100,000,000 WQT
Total sale supply: 8,750,000 WQT
Initial market cap: $520,000*
Initial circulating supply: 2,600,000 WQT*
Locked Uniswap liquidity: $327,500

* — without liquidity

Seed round

Total raised: $360,000
Price per WQT: $0,12
Seed tokens amount: 3,000,000 WQT
Released on listing: 20% (600,000 WQT)
Vesting schedule: 25% - 30 days after listing, 25% - 60 days after listing, 30% - 90 days after listing.

Private round

Total raised: $800,000
Price per WQT: $0,16
Seed tokens amount: 5,000,000 WQT
Released on listing: 25% (1,250,000 WQT)
Vesting schedule: 25% - every month for 3 months.

Public round

Total raised: $150,000
Price per WQT: $0,2
Seed tokens amount: 750,000 WQT
Vesting schedule: Fully unlocked

Other token allocations:

Reserve fund: 10,000,000 WQT
Staking fund: 26,250,000 WQT
WQT Team: 10,000,000 WQT
WQT Liquidity: 15,000,000 WQT
Marketing: 10,000,000 WQT
P2P Insurance fund: 10,000,000 WQT
WQT Ecosystem and partners: 10,000,000 WQT

IDO Details

Do not miss on the WorkQuest IDO which will take place on the ZeroSwap platform on the 5th of April. Listing on Uniswap will happen right after the IDO.

All Public Sale tokens are fully unlocked.

POP (Proof of Participation) Ticket Claiming for $WQT is Live Now! Claim tickets here!

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