WQT/ETH Mining Liquidity Restart in Ethereum Pool

Hello to our wonderful community members 👋 . We are glad to announce the Launch of our Liquidity Mining program in the Ethereum pool.

🎬 Start Date: 18th October 2022

⏲ Duration: 1 year

💰 Total rewards: 960 000 WQT

💸 Rewards: 80,000 WQT per month

Follow these steps to provide liquidity

STEP 1: Log into https://app.workquest.co/mining/ETH using your wallet (ie. Connect your wallet to the website)

STEP 2: Click on the stake button to “Add liquidity” ie. ETH-WQT liquidity on UNISWAP

STEP 3: Check once more to ensure your wallet is connected to UNISWAP.

Step 4: Key in the amount you want to commit, and you’re good to go. Approve and stake your ETH-WQT LP tokens.

Step 5: Once the rewards are distributed, claim them and then proceed to unstake.

The rewards will be shared proportionally among all liquidity providers. After receiving the LP tokens, users can stake them on WorkQuest. Once they’ve staked their LP tokens, they’ll be able to review their share of $WQT rewards & claim them whenever it is convenient for them.




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