WorkUSD: Crypto-Collateralized Stablecoin

Crypto-collateralized stablecoins are supported by other cryptocurrencies. WorkUSD (WUSD) is pegged against the U.S. dollar and allows users to employ a basket of crypto-assets as a reserve. $WUSD can be backed by ETH, BNB, WQT for 150% — 200% and USDT, USDC for 102% — 105%.

Any user will be able to choose the percentage of collateral, bring collateral and issue a $WUSD stablecoin to pay for work on the platform or use it in other DeFi functionality on the WorkQuest platform, including savings product, pension program, lending or borrowing, insurance, payment for work on the platform, etc.

And frequent audits and monitoring further add to price stability.

WorkUSD primarily targets employers and employees, offering them an instrument to guarantee the cost of work performed to avoid volatility and loss of fund value when performing work on the WorkQuest platform.

Fully verifiable WUSD transactions enable organizations to improve efficiency and reduce the likelihood of corruption — while allowing for international trade, low transaction costs, simplified taxation and transparent accounting systems.

$WUSD Stablecoin Utilities:

🔹 Payment Between Employer & Employee
🔹 P2P Insurance
🔹 Bank Card Withdrawals
🔹 Exchange
🔹 Retirement Savings Program
🔹 Lending and Borrowing Programs

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