WorkQuest Weekly Meme Contest

💎 WorkQuest is a global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered by DeFi connecting employees with employers all around the world.

🎁 WorkQuest Weekly Meme Contest (Looking for 54 winners): Unleash your Meme Game!

Total Rewards: 19,500 WQT

🎁 Weekly winners (5 weeks, 9 winners each week): 2,100 WQT every week

🏆 Final winners (9 winners): 9,000 WQT

📅Start Date: 24 Nov. 2021
📅End Date: 26 Dec. 2021
📅Weekly rounds: Every Monday winners will be picked!

🏦Distribution Date for weekly rounds: 48 hours after every round!
🏦Distribution Date for Final winners: 28 Dec. 2021

Every Monday (for 5 Weeks) winners will be picked!
In the end (27 Dec. 2021), we will pick three winners on each category from best of the best!

A. Weekly Program:
🏆 1st Place (1 winner): 400 WQT
🏆 2nd Place (1 winner): 200 WQT
🏆 3rd Place (1 winner) : 100 WQT

B. Final winners (After 5 weeks):
🏆 1st Place (1 winner): 1500 WQT
🏆 2nd Place (1 winner): 1000 WQT
🏆 3rd Place (1 winner) : 500 WQT

1. Best of Twitter Memes (Automatic selection):
🎯 Evaluation criteria:
- Each retweet: +3 Points
- Each reply: +2 Points
- Each like: +1 Point

Twitter Guide Link:

2. Best of Telegram Memes (Automatic selection):
🎯 Evaluation criteria: higher likes (❤️)

Telegram Guide Link:

3. Best Of GIFs & Movies Memes:
🎯 Evaluation criteria: Selected by WorkQuest’s Team (top three)

GIFs & Video Clips Guide Link:

General rules:

- All Participants are committed to abide by the rules of the competition. They can use thier own design only!
- All Participants can only share their meme with friends and in authorized groups.
- All Participants (for all 3 programs) can only share their meme once per day in workquest’s telegram group. (forward from telegram bot (using @like bot), sharing twiter link, or thier GIFs or video clips).
- Each account (telegram & twitter) can only win once in the entire contest, but they can continue to reach the final round to win the big prize!

📽 Next Contest Program: Creating WorkQuest-related content on YouTube & Twitter (announcement coming soon: Stay tuned and follow our announcement channel for updates)

#WorkQuest $WQT #DeFiJobs #Decentralized #DAO

🛡 WorkQuest Disclaimer:

This is an unofficial program and the WorkQuest team cannot monitor all activities. But participants are committed to never send their designs to groups where posting such content is not allowed. If anyone sees any violations, please report them to our TG admins. If violation is confirmed the participant will be eliminated from the competition.
WorkQuest Telegram Group: @WorkQuestChat




WorkQuest is a global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered by Blockchain / DeFi 🌐 ☑️ 🎆

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WorkQuest is a global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered by Blockchain / DeFi 🌐 ☑️ 🎆

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