WorkQuest: Stack of Technology

WorkQuest is a global jobs marketplace built on blockchain technology aimed at solving problems existing in the world of work by providing a single interface platform that will seamlessly connect employees with employers all over the world. In order to build that the WorkQuest team used an efficient stack of technology.


The Cosmos SDK was used to create the WorkQuest blockchain, a platform for building blockchain applications focused on specific tasks. Cosmos provides a secure and dependable solution for most typical blockchain operations, such as arranging network communication between nodes and maintaining a trustworthy consensus across nodes involved in block production.
Thanks to building on Cosmos, Work Net Blockchain is compatible with all blockchains in the Cosmos network.


Tendermint, a Cosmos core contributor, has developed a BFT-based advanced consensus solution (Byzantine Fault Tolerance). BFT consensus assures the correct operation of a computer network as long as at least 2/3 of the network nodes engaged in block formation (validators) perform correctly.
Tendermint ensures that blockchain changes are sent efficiently across the network, guaranteeing that each node has the same transaction log and blockchain state. The PBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus process is a critical component of the Work Net blockchain, which we have implemented without modification.

Programming languages

To make Work Quest compatible with the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint, we chose Golang for implementing the master node software (validators) in Work Quest.

Typescript (used to code the backend modules) and ElectronJS (used to create the desktop wallet applications), as well as JavaScript, HTML, and Cs, are the other programming languages used.


The multi-signature scheme is a mechanism to implement electronic signatures requiring T keys from a group of N members (T<N) for the signature to be valid. At its core, it is a variant of the threshold signature. Still, it is implemented not as a single object but as a check of the specified conditions performed by the basic system of cryptocurrency scripts.

Multisignature addresses will be available in WorkQuest. This is convenient because it allows multiple independent participants to reach a consensus when deciding how funds should be allocated or simply when making joint decisions.

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WorkQuest is a global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered by Blockchain / DeFi 🌐 ☑️ 🎆

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WorkQuest is a global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered by Blockchain / DeFi 🌐 ☑️ 🎆

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