WorkQuest Platform: User Journey

Just as the name suggests, Work Quest relates to going out on a quest to find or provide work. This process can be overwhelming, especially when individuals, either employers or candidates, have to conduct international searches. In an attempt to ease this process, Work Quest has provided a user-friendly platform, but it has also ensured transparency, safety, security, and legitimacy of the participants. To meet this objective, the platform is powered by blockchain’s smart contract.

During the initial hiring staff process for the company, Work Quest realized that there is a large gap in the market when trying to match a job vacancy with the right skill set. It is at this point that the company sought a solution and hence the brand Work Quest. Below is its platform user journey as well as technical specifications that have made its functionality possible.

Why and Where it all Started

The main push for the emergence of this project was the difficulty noted earlier that the employers experienced when seeking to recruit employees. The problem was realized during previous projects that involved hiring and recruiting the number of potential candidates to fill specific vacancies.

It is obvious that different firms opt to hire employees of integrity, those who are competent, and those who secure essential skills useful in a company. However, the best method of identifying and then hiring such potential workers who are trustable and who have the desired skills that lead to competencies in the company was an overwhelming process.

In a continued consultation and survey process, the company concluded that several employers are facing similar challenges. Many firms needed workers, but the process of communicating this desire remained a challenge. This concern is the reason behind the birth of Work Quest as a global job marketplace for all types of work while at the same time offering affordable rates and transaction fees.

This project focuses on ensuring that the number of middlemen per single business unit is reduced, keeping the transactions per second at maximum. Moreover, both workers’ and employers’ data is safely kept by the blockchain.

The successful completion and implementation of the platform have contributed towards the massive use of the platform. As noted, there is an increasing number of people using the platform across the globe. Geographical boundaries no longer restrain individuals because they can identify vacancies anywhere globally without incurring hefty fees, such as when using a recruiting agency.

Cost implications of job hunting or job sourcing can be overwhelming, especially if an individual does not know what employers expect from him. Many companies are also looking to avoid hiring someone over short periods as they search for the ideal and qualified personnel. This gesture is not only expensive, but it is also time-consuming for any organization. Many companies prefer to hire an individual hoping that the recruiting process will not repeat itself over the same job vacancy anytime soon.

Work Quest seeks to make a reality out of the dreams for both candidates and employers when searching for the right skill set or the right employer. Narrowing down the gap between employers and employees globally based on decentralization is Work Quest’s key objective.

Work Net Smart Contract Specification

Product innovations and development created unique functions of the system where the blockchain will generate a new descendant smart contract that will allow companies and workers to enter into a contract upon integration.

The smart contract on Work Net blockchain will foster transactions beyond unlimited numbers and break them down into varied parameters.

The smart contract further allows mutual understanding between the parties keeping its secure position as a preferred guarantor because third-party may not have any impact or access to what has been implemented. The absence of third parties and intermediaries contributes to the platform’s cost-effectiveness. In addition, cases of fraud are in control because the employer and employee are directly linked.

All parties can access its smart-contract where all the terms are kept, and once created, the smart-contract cannot be altered; therefore, it remains the guarantor of the safe transaction.

Smart-contract between the employer and the employee is the main advantage of the Work Quest Trustless Platform run on Work Net blockchain.

Work Quest Platform: Use Cases

Work Quest is diverse, allowing for many user cases in many industries considering that the platform is open to all types of jobs and work. Whether platform users are looking for a simple task such as babysitting or seeking a managerial role, this platform makes it possible to find what users look to find.

  • User registration

The user of this particular service has the opportunity to enter his or her details to become a member. Members are categorized as an employee or employer, allowing the registering individual to clarify their need. The process is simple and straight to the point so that users can easily and quickly identify their search requests.

  • Quest creation

When creating the quest, the user has to submit all the necessary data essential to create a quest, including description, costs, and geographical position.

To organize data, users can also attach a short clip, a photo, or even a document that may briefly describe the suggested task.

  • Employers search

The geographical location filled during quest creation is portrayed on the map, as well as urgency and duration.

The potential employee sees a company page in the profile, descriptions, previous job openings, previous and current workers profiles, ratings, and the number of successfully completed quests. This section narrows down a user’s search so that only desired employers are left with the specifications they need rather than view millions of profiles.

  • Employee search

An employer in a company may revisit the job seekers’ profiles, and list previously accomplished tasks with ratings and reviews. Therefore, an employee may send invitations to the employers in the urge for quest completion. The invitations can be a sign of interest from the employee to an employer after realizing that user suits potential job opening.

  • DeFi features

Other notable Defi features within the WorkQuest platform enable it to stand out as a unique platform for both employers and employees.

Firstly, the platform has a savings section where employees set aside a small percentage of all their earnings every month. Funds are automatically deducted from the savings accounts and invested in a pool of funds that earn interest at the end of every year. This pool is governed through the use of smart contracts.

Secondly, participants on the WorkQuest platform can also get involved in liquidity mining, whereby they get to earn WUSD (work quest stablecoin) for providing liquidity on exchanges such as Uniswap.

Thirdly, the platform also has a P2P insurance pool that enables participants to get involved in an insurance scheme governed through the use of smart contracts. If you would like to make a claim, then the pool participants get to decide through a vote whether they can set aside some funds for the insured claim. At the end of the year, the funds can be distributed to the members or reinvested.


Looking at the Work Quest platform user journey and technical specifications above, the project has come a long way to ensure that employees and employers can easily and quickly match their needs despite geographical boundaries. Operating the platform on Work Net blockchain is a vital advantage as it is based on values of integrity, transparency, and privacy. Moreover, smart contracts ensure that agreements execution and eliminate the need for intermediaries. Work Quest journey embraces the need to reduce the labor market’s challenges on a global reach.

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WorkQuest is a global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered by Blockchain / DeFi 🌐 ☑️ 🎆

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WorkQuest is a global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered by Blockchain / DeFi 🌐 ☑️ 🎆

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