WorkQuest partners with BlackDragon

WorkQuest team is happy to enter a strategic partnership with Black Dragon. BlackDragon group has invested in the Private investment round.

Besides the investment, BlackDragon will provide assistance with marketing, community growth, and advisory, along with access to the industry network and resources.

BlackDragon is a blockchain native venture capital firm with dedicated in-house marketing, development, and research teams.

BlackDragon has strong community support fortified by an amazing fundraising platform and in-house research which gives their members access to early-stage deals in highly vetted projects.

BlackDragon vision is to empower development of innovative blockchain solutions to real world problems while adding value to the entire ecosystem.

Visit the website:

Work Quest is a social project based on the blockchain technology for finding work and solving any tasks from the employer’s side in quest mode. Are you looking for a job? A work quest will help you find a quest next to you and your city. Do you need workers to carry out the goals? Just create a quest on the site of the work quest. The service assumes the warranty obligations for performing quests. Employer funds are kept with us, if the employee gives a confirmation of the performance of work, he receives a deposit of funds on his account. The system of ratings, reviews and a list of completed quests will help to easily find honest people and the best specialists.

Stay tuned for more partnerships!

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