WorkQuest launches strategic partnership program with OPW Ventures

WorkQuest is delighted to begin a new productive cooperation with OPW Ventures. OPW is well known for investing in new, emerging DeFi Startups such as Unilend, Tomochain, Kylin, Polkastarter, and many others.

About OPW Ventures

OPW has been investing in the digital assets space since 2017. They strongly believe that digital assets, and in particular, decentralized finance applications will play a critical role in the digital economies of the future. They seek to invest in and work with the brightest developers and founders who are paving the way for new and innovative financial products. Their current focus is on early stage projects that are actively developing scalable solutions in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Visit their website: Website:

Telegram: @opwoperation

About WorkQuest

Work Quest is the online Marketplace and decentralized Payment Provider connecting employers with employees anywhere in the world powered by Smart Contracts governed by DAO. The platform incentivizes employers and employees to deal honestly and prudently using its Rating System with all the feedback is stored in a blockchain. As platforms act as a facilitator of transactions between employer and the employee, different DeFi products available for platform participants, such as Savings, Retirement & Disability Insurance.

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