WorkQuest DeFi Functionality

The decentralized nature of the platform allows WorkQuest to provide users with DeFi functionality, including:

🔹 WorkQuest DAO Management

WorkQuest DAO is a decentralized, autonomous organization that maintains and regulates the WorkQuest platform.

$WQT holders represent the top management layer for DAO decision-making, managing the system, and participating in its development. Users who have only 100 $WQT will be able to vote. Anyone with at least 10,000 $WQT or delegated $WQT can suggest measures to improve the WorkQuest ecosystem. These exist as either simple or complex sets of actions, such as adding new platform features, improving the business model, launching additional ways to use an asset, changing the market model, or altering any other parameter as well.

🔹 Liquidity Mining Programs

Users enjoy a chance to receive $WQT for providing liquidity on automated market maker (AMM) platforms.

The more liquidity one provides, the greater the $WQT pool share he or she will receive. Liquidity providers can participate in $WQT seeding by providing liquidity to the WQT/ETH trading pair on Uniswap or WQT/BNB trading pair on PancakeSwap and receiving a $WQT reward. The monthly distribution of 80,000 $WQT is based on the amount of liquidity in the pool that the user-provided.

🔹 Lending & Borrowing

Lending allows investors to lend their cryptocurrencies to different borrowers and get interest payments in exchange. On WorkQuest lenders can provide $WUSD to borrowers and receive different annual rates.

The WorkQuest platform offers its users a mechanism to engage in lending for short, medium, or long periods (from one week to 3 years). The users of the platform have the opportunity to provide WQT, BNB or ETH assets as collateral and borrow some amount of $WUSD stablecoin.

🔹 Retirement Program

Upon completion of the work, each platform user can enjoy access to the retirement accumulation program, wherein he or she chooses a percentage of the sum for automatic savings account deposit (with interest).

🔹 P2P Insurance

The core idea behind P2P is that a group of like-minded people gather their insurance policies: introducing a sense of control, trust, and transparency while concurrently reducing costs. This insurance model combines traditional pooling and sharing of losses with current technology and innovations, providing a product for increasingly savvy consumers who require transparency in an on-demand economy. The fund’s team will vote in the event of an insured event.

As all decisions are made through voting, there is no need for any central entity to hold and manage the funds.

🔹 Savings Program

After the work is complete, the $WUSD tokens earned can be locked into a deposit for passive income.

Regardless of the amount you can afford to save or the length of time required, this will allow you to earn up to 5% per annum in WorkUSD ($WUSD).

🔹 Cross-Chain Bridge

Cross-Chain Bridge is a blockchain solution enabling intercommunication between vastly different networks: a bigger blockchain and its side chain, which either operates under different consensus rules or inherits its security from a larger blockchain.

Cross-chain bridges allow for the transfer of assets, tokens, and other types of data from one chain to another between completely independent platforms, enabling users to:

- Deploy digital assets on one blockchain to dApps on another
- Conduct quick, low-cost transactions of tokens hosted on non-scalable blockchains
- Implement and execute dApps across more than one platform

WorkQuest boasts its bridge solution that will allow platform users to swap $WQT tokens from the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain to the WorkNet network. The WorkQuest bridge will also interact with the Matic network during the operation of the $WUSD stablecoin collateral and issuance mechanism.

🔹 Staking Programs

Staking is essentially a way to earn percentage-rate rewards over time for holding specific cryptocurrencies. WorkQuest plans to launch staking for two tokens. The first program for large WQT holders with a fixed number of slots and a reward of 500,000 $WQT to be distributed throughout the year. The second program is the $WUSD program with a prize pool of 6,000 $WUSD per year and unlimited slots.

Join us today and enjoy the ease and transparency of the blockchain-based jobs marketplace, as well as all DeFi benefits offered by the platform!

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