WorkQuest DAO Q&A

✅ What is a DAO?

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is an entity native to the internet that resides on a public blockchain. The purpose of a DAO is to incentivize everyone involved to work toward a common goal.

✅ Why use a DAO?

For starters, a DAO governed by the community means no single entity has control. Second, since they’re decentralized, they’re reliable and secure. And last, anyone who wants to join the WorkQuest DAO only has to purchase $WQT tokens.

✅ What activities are covered by DAO governance?

The WorkQuest DAO will cover the following activities:
🔹 Referral program
🔹 Pension program
🔹 Savings product
🔹 Staking and liquidity pool rewards
🔹 Insurance plans and coverage

👉 The WorkQuest DAO is already available within the WorkNet blockchain. Check it out at!

❔ Any questions left? Check out this link to learn even more:



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