WorkQuest DAO

As far as many of you might already know, the WorkQuest platform will be governed by the WorkQuest DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that maintains and regulates the WorkQuest platform and Work USD (WUSD).

The WorkQuest DAO is an internet-native entity with no central management regulated by a set of automatically enforceable rules on a public blockchain. The goal is to operate autonomously and incentivize people to achieve a common mission — decentralized, grassroots, transparent, open, and fully global Labor market.

A feature of the WorkQuest DAO is that the platform uses two tokens — the WUSD stablecoin and the WorkQuest Token (WQT) management token.

The WorkQuest DAO is:

🤝Community governed

In the next 3 years, the WorkQuest community will have complete control over all management functions.


All Governance features and procedures are open to ensure that everyone has access to all the information.


Users can buy WQT tokens on the market anywhere in the world and participate in platform governance.

🔒Secure and Reliable

Our solution — the WorkNet blockchain — will be used for creating and managing the DAO.

💡And the first test version of the WorkQuest DAO is already released! Feel free to test it and let us know what you think.

Find the full instruction in our earlier Medium post.

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WorkQuest is a global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered by Blockchain / DeFi 🌐 ☑️ 🎆

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WorkQuest is a global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered by Blockchain / DeFi 🌐 ☑️ 🎆

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