WorkQuest Bridge Release on the WorkNet Network

🎉 The WorkQuest releases continue!👀

The WorkQuest team is delighted to announce the release of the WorkQuest Cross-Chain Bridge on the WorkNet blockchain — the WorkQuest Mainnet. 🔥

🔍 Please, find all the instructions on how to use the bridge below:

1) Go to: and connect wallet.

2) Choose a target network for cross-chain swap: WorkNet, Binance Smart Chain, or Ethereum.

3) Enter the amount of tokens and click the Create Swap button.

4) Approve the transaction.

5) Wait for the network to process and complete the transaction.

6) Click Redeem and confirm the transaction.

Done, the process is complete.
$WQT in the desired network will be deposited to your account.

Share your experience of using the WorkQuest Platrform in our telegram chats! Stay tuned for more updates!🚀

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