WorkQuest Bounty Campaign: Find a Bug and Receive $WQT

💥 We are delighted to announce the WorkQuest bounty campaign! Test the WorkQuest App, find bugs, and get $WQT rewards! Sounds exciting, right?👀

🏆 Rewards:

💰 The users to go through the whole process and provide screenshots in the chat will receive 500 $WQT

💰💰💰 The first user to provide screenshots of the error and describe the problem will receive 1500 $WQT

👉 The App is available for both iOS and Android users!

📌 Install TestFlight on iOS:

To join the beta test of the WorkQuest mobile app, follow the link on your iPhone or iPad after installing TestFlight.

📌 Android installation file:


⚙️ Find all the instructions on how to test the app below.

Sign up for the WorkQuest App

  1. Click on the Sign Up link
  2. Enter your name in the “First name” field
  3. Enter your last name as well
  4. Enter your Email and password in the respective fields
  5. Confirm the password by typing it once again in the “Repeat password” field
  6. Click Create account
  7. Open the message sent to the email you used to sign up (please, note that the message for registration can be found in any folder of your email)
  8. Go back to the app and enter the code from the email in the “Code” field on the email confirmation page
  9. Click Submit
  10. Choose the role you like
  11. Click on all the checkboxes
  12. Click the “I agree” button to get the mnemonic phrase (please, make sure to save the mnemonic phrase for future use on the platform)
  13. Click Copy phrase
  14. Click on the toggle element and click Next
  15. Choose the words in the right order of your secret phrase
  16. Click Open Wallet
  17. Enter the PIN
  18. Enter the PIN on the next page as well

Once you have your account set up, you can proceed with the testing of other WorkQuest app features, including signing in, resetting the password, filling in the user profile, and adding two-factor authentication.

Sign in to the WorkQuest App

  1. Enter your test account email in the “Username” field
  2. Enter the test account password in the “Password” field
  3. Enter the mnemonic in the “Enter mnemonic phrase” field
  4. Click Login
  5. Enter the PIN
  6. Enter the PIN on the next page as well

Reset the password

  1. Click the “Forgot your password?” link
  2. Enter the email you used while signing up into the “Email address” field and click Submit
  3. Open the message sent to your email
  4. Enter the code from the email into the “Code” field on the WorkQuest app page
  5. Enter a new password in the “New password” field and click Submit

Fill in the user profile

  1. Click More in the app’s menu and click on your profile
  2. Click on the editing the profile icon in the right upper corner
  3. Enter the name of your country in the “Address” field and choose the needed in the list that appeared
  4. Click on the international phone code field and choose the code in the list that appeared
  5. Enter your phone number in the “Phone” field
  6. Do the same for the second phone number in the “Second phone” field if you use another
  7. Enter the profile description in the “Title” field
  8. Enter your Twitter username in the “Twitter” field
  9. Enter the link to your Facebook page in the “Facebook” field
  10. Enter the link to your LinkedIn page in the “LinkedIn” field
  11. Enter your Instagram username with the @ in the “Instagram” field
  12. Click Save

Add 2FA

The users can also test adding 2FA after signing up to the app and installing Google authenticator on the device.

  1. Click More in the app’s menu, choose 2FA, and click Next
  2. Copy the code and click Next
  3. Click the “Open app” button to open Google Authenticator, then click Okay
  4. Open the message sent to the email you used to sign up
  5. Copy the code and enter it on the Step 4 page of the WorkQuest app
  6. Go to the Google Authenticator app
  7. Copy your profile’s code
  8. Go back to the WorkQuest app and enter the code in the “Google confirmation code” field
  9. Click Finish

Please, submit all the testing results and bugs detected in this Telegram Chat:

Test various WorkQuest app features today and let’s improve the app together! Stay tuned, more programs are coming in the nearest future! 🚀

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