WorkNet: The WorkQuest Blockchain

🚀The WorkQuest platform is based on the WorkNet blockchain developed on the Cosmos SDK (an open-source framework for building multi-asset public Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains). Blockchains built with the Cosmos SDK are generally used as application-specific blockchains.

The Work Net Blockchain will allow for trustworthy transactions that are immutable. Also, the blockchain will safely secure transaction and user data, ensuring that members can have complete trust in the process.

And the WorkNet is ready for you to test it!🔥

Here’s the instruction:

1. Add the WorkQuest Dev network to Metamask:

Network Name: WorkQuest DEV
Chain ID: 20211224
Currency Symbol: WUSD

2. Fill in the form to receive test $WUSD tokens.

3. Connect your wallet and conduct a transaction on the page.

4. Sending transactions directly from Metamask is available.

Are you an advanced blockchain enthusiast? Get a chance to connect to the blockchain node. Contact us to get a Readme and a Genesis file to do that.

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