WorkNet Blockchain: WorkQuest DAO Release

2 min readJul 20, 2022


🤩 The WorkNet blockchain keeps developing! And today we are here to announce the release of the WorkQuest DAO in the WorkNet network! ✨

👉 Feel free to try out the DAO today:

🔍 About WorkQuest DAO

🔗 Any user can propose measures to improve the WorkQuest ecosystem, and the proposal that receives the majority of votes influences further development of the project. These can be simple or complex sets of actions, such as adding new platform features, improving the business model, adding more ways to use an asset, changing the market model, or actually changing any other parameter.

The more WQT one uses in the voting process, the more they will be able to influence decision-making in the WorkQuest DAO. All users with delegated WQTs will receive voting power and will be able to vote.

📌 The minimum amount required to create a vote is 10,000 delegated $WQT. The minimum amount to vote on the proposal is 100 delegated $WQT.

🔥 Join the DAO today and participate in the first vote!

👉 To do that you have to either create an account with the WorkQuest DAO or use an existing WorkQuest platform account. In order to take part in subsequent voting, users have to delegate tokens to themselves in order to increase the voting power.

Feel free to share your experience of using the DAO in our official telegram chats!

Stay tuned, more developments are coming! 🚀

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