Why is Decentralization in the Labor Market important?

The Labor Market is constantly developing, just like the other significant markets.

It is expected that in the nearest future, all the workers and employers will prefer to use decentralized platforms to build relationships with each other. Why? Let’s look at some benefits of such a format of the dealership:

  1. No unnecessary fees. You find a worker/job at a decentralized platform; no party could charge fees for transactions between workers and employers. It means that both parties don’t have to share their assets with any 3rd parties.
  2. Transparency. By allowing algorithms to control all the transactions, completion of tasks/jobs, and keeping track of the parties’ rates, we manage to make the relationships between workers and employers fair and transparent.
  3. It is practical. Such platforms, i.g. WorkQuest will have or already have its own rating systems that don’t depend on people’s opinions or evaluations. The algorithms estimate the performance of both workers and employers and give them fair and transparent ratings. It means the absence of a biased attitude and unplanned situations.

What do you think of that? Is decentralization the future of the labor market?

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