🎁 The WorkQuest Weekly Twitter Contest

On the occasion of approaching the final launch (Mainnet)🚀

- We will be picking winners every Monday for 5 Weeks!

- Start Date: 21 March 2022

- Distribution Date for weekly rounds: 48 hrs after every round!

Weekly Program:

🏆 1st Place (1 winner): 500 $WQT

🏆 2nd Place (1 winner): 300 $WQT

🏆 3rd Place (1 winner): 200 $WQT

General Rules

• Minimum Retweets required to participate in the event — at least 30.

• All Participants can only share their tweets once per week in WorkQuest’s telegram group.

• Content and image to share may change every week. Therefore, please check for possible changes every Monday.

• Each Twitter account can participate in the contest every week with no limit.

• Only the tweets sent each week are eligible. Old tweets will not be accepted to participate.

• To be included in our review list, please make sure to send your tweets to the group before the end of Sunday.

Evaluation Criteria & Guidelines

• Each Retweet: +5 Points

• Each Related Comment: +1 Point

Conditions to participate in the weekly contest:

1. Follow the official Twitter account of the project:


2. Retweet, like, comment on contest post:


3. Join the Telegram group:


4. Take the content and photo of the contest from the project’s medium (may change every week).

5. Share the image on Twitter. When submitting your tweet, please attach this text (exactly the same):

@WorkQuest_co is a global end-to-end #jobs #marketplace powered by #DeFi aiming to bring #Blockchain to the #Labor Market.

#Mainnet (#WorkNet), #StableCoin, #App, #Utility will launch soon 🚀


$WQT #WorkQuest #BSC #ETH #BTC #NFT #DAO #CryptoCurrency

6. The image that should be tweeted:

Final Example:



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