The WorkQuest Wallet App Release

🔥 Today, we are here to announce the release of the WorkQuest Wallet App!

🔍 About the WorkQuest Wallet

🔗 Using blockchain smart contract technology, the WorkQuest wallet connects employees and employers — eliminating the need for a middleman or centralized institution and affording users full control over usability and privacy.

🤩 You can create new wallet address or import mnemonic phrases from other wallet (such as Metamask). The Wallet can also be used later on when creating an account on the WorkQuest platform.

The WorkQuest wallet supports $WQT swaps, deposit and withdrawal, which is available on WorkNet, Matic, BSC, and ETH networks.

👉 What Networks does the WorkQuest wallet support?

🔹 WorkNet network: WQT, WUSD, USDC, USDT, BNB, ETH.
🔹 Matic network: Matic, USDT.
🔹 Binance smart chain network: WQT, BNB, USDT.
🔹 Ethereum network: WQT, ETH, USDT.

👉 What wallet address formats are available?

The WorkQuest Wallet supports two different types of addresses: bech32 and hex.

Try out the wallet functions today. Download the app by the links below. 👇

✅ The App for Android:

✅ The App for iOS:

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