The WorkQuest Platform Governance: The WorkQuest DAO

🔥 The WorkQuest DAO has recently been released in the WorkNet network. Would you like to learn more about the DAO’s role within the WorkQuest platform? Continue reading!

🌐 The WorkQuest Platform has been built with a mission to make the recruitment process transparent, seamless, and open on a global scale. The governance and decision-making processes of the platform will be catered to by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Why a DAO?

A DAO is an entity aiming to take inputs from all in the system when making decisions. For WorkQuest, the DAO will strive to achieve the following objectives:

🔹 Community Governed: All management functions will be transferred to the Community within three years.
🔹 Transparent: All Governance features and procedures will be published openly to ensure everyone has access to all the information.
🔹 Global & Easy to Join: Any user can buy $WQT tokens from the market to participate in platform governance.
🔹 Secure & Reliable: Fully decentralized and managed by smart contracts.

The WorkQuest Platform Governance

The WorkQuest DAO will provide an infrastructure for all the services that will be provided on the platform. It will consist of:

🔸 DAO governance members and selection mechanism.
🔸 Mechanisms for rewards and incentives to be paid out to validators, community expansion, staking, and adding liquidity to the WQT token pools.
🔸 The list of wallets holding WQT tokens and voting in DAO will be public as a deterrent to possible DAO attacks.

All that is achieved with the use of the following governance mechanics handled by the DAO:

👉 DAO members can vote on proposals for various activities related to the platform.
👉 DAO members/managers will vote using their delegated WQT tokens to support or reject the proposal.
👉 Actions for the platform will be taken based on the results of the DAO voting.
👉 Records will be kept on the public blockchain and the WorkQuest DAO forum and available for audit.

📌 Learn more about the DAO in the official WorkQuest DAO document by the link:

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