Technical specifications

Work Quest Technical Specification

Work Quest Overall Structure

  • Workers — they collect data coming directly to the blockchain
  • Data — refers to various types of blocks and transactions such as sending, buying, and selling

Stack of Technologies

  • Programming Languages

Cosmos SDK



  • CreateMultisig is responsible for creating a wallet with multi-signature in addition to indicating its owners, threshold value, and their voice weight.
  • Create Transaction is responsible for the creation of a transaction to output the required number of coins to a specified address after which the transaction creator signs the transaction immediately. Each of these transactions is assigned a unique identifier.



Address format (Bech32)

  • Easy to read the part which comprises of data regarding the owner of the address that is usually a minimum of one character.
  • A separator that always equals “1”
  • The data portion which is at least 6 characters in length consisting of alphanumeric characters
  • Checksum which comprises of the last six characters that contain no information


  • Validator
  • Ensure reliability of its work
  • Be readily available on the network
  • Perform relevant duties in the consensus-building procedure
  • Guarantee access of Work network internal services to its blockchain replica
  • Ensure integrity of stored data
  • Delegator
  • User


Block structure

  • Block
  • Title (Header)
  • Version
  • Block Identifier (BlockID)
  • Time
  • Data (for transactions)
  • Confirmations and votes (Commit and Vote)
  • Evidence Data and Evidence

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