Launch of the first test version of the WorkQuest DAO

In accordance with the project’s roadmap, we are now entering the phase of testing various aspects of the WorkQuest platform.🥳

And today we are here to announce the launch of the first test version of the WorkQuest DAO!

📌About WorkQuest DAO:

WorkQuest DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that maintains and regulates the WorkQuest Platform.

DAO is an organization managed by computer codes and a certain set of programs, which allows it to function autonomously with no interruptions from control bodies. WorkQuest DAO is aimed at operating autonomously and incentivizing people to achieve a common mission — decentralized, grassroots, transparent, open, and fully global Labor Market.

💥Test the WorkQuest DAO right now and create a vote!


Conditions for creating a vote:

1. Register on the platform:
Note: If you have an account at, then you do not need to create a new account.
2. Fill in the form to receive test WQTs:
3. Set aside the amount necessary to create a vote (10 000 $WQT).

How to create a vote:

1. Log in to your account
2. Find your profile in the list of investors
3. Delegate coins (at least 10,000 $WQT) by clicking the Delegate button and confirm the delegation procedure in Metamask
4. On the Proposals page, click the Add proposal button
5. Fill in the Voting topic, Description fields, attach files if necessary
6. Click Add proposal

After the user creates a vote, a topic for discussion on the forum will appear automatically.

*Users also need to add a test token to Metamask. All voting will be on the Rinkeby network.

Add a test token in MetaMask to create a vote, network — Rinkeby

Get test ETH to pay commissions on the testnet:

To vote on a proposal, repeat the delegation procedure. The minimum amount of $WQT required to participate in the voting — 100 $WQT.

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