How WorkQuest Combats the Most Common Fears of Employees

🌐 The Labor Market of today is, unfortunately, far from being perfect. However, the use of innovative technologies, including blockchain, smart contracts, etc., can become an ideal solution to make real change. Continue reading to learn how the WorkQuest platform aims to solve the current fears of employees.

📌 Fear #1: Not getting paid for the work done

Unfortunately, many companies significantly underpay their employees. It is not uncommon for your employer to refuse to pay you what they should.

The WorkQuest platform addresses trust issues by using smart-contract technology and WorkUSD payments, offering them an instrument to guarantee the cost of work performed in order to avoid the risk of unpaid wages.

📌 Fear #2: The complicated or incompatible payment system in the country of living

One can’t run a business or job without getting paid, and offering as many payment methods as possible is essential. However, much leading payment system providers are not supported in some countries.

WorkQuest is a decentralized Payment Provider that connects employers and employees anywhere in the world using Smart Contracts, with no restrictions or cross-border boundaries.

📌 Fear #3: Mismatch of employer and employee needs and wants

Employees are more likely to be happy and satisfied with their jobs and lives if they jobs are tailored to their needs, preferences, and abilities. So, mismatch causes significant difficulties and inefficiency.

WorkQuest enables employers to hire the right professionals remotely via the internet to recruit from anywhere in the world, which contributes significantly to the solutions to the skills mismatch and unemployment problems in today’s labor market.

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