Enjoy the Opportunity to Buy the First $WQT in the WorkNet network!

💡 For users’ convenience, the WorkQuest team has added the ability to purchase the first $WQT tokens to the wallet.

To do that, a user needs to select one of the available networks in the wallet: Etherium, Matic, or Binance Smart Chain.🔗

💸First, the user makes a USDT swap on the contract. The minimum amount is 5 USDT, and the maximum is 100 USDT. The number of purchases is unlimited.

The user is then credited with $WQT for the amount of USDT, minus the transaction fee. 💰


1) Sign in to the WorkQuest Platform and open the Wallet page.

2) Click the Swap button.

3) Click the Network dropdown and choose the required network with USDT balance. Enter the amount of $USDT and click Confirm button.

Attention! Your account must have a native coin balance of the network where the transaction is made ($BNB, $ETH, or $Matic).

4) Approve the transaction and confirm the $WQT purchase.

5) Wait for the network to process and complete the transaction.

6) The required amount of $WQT will be automatically credited to your wallet.

Congratulations! Now you have a native $WQT token on your balance to confirm transactions on the WorkNet network. You can easily use the WorkQuest cross-chain bridge to transfer $WQT tokens to the WorkNet network from other networks.

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