Development Plan for July

Jul 1, 2022

☀️ It’s officially July, which means that it’s high time to build plans for the new month!

✔️ Here’s what the WorkQuest team has in store for you this month:

1. $WQT Purchases inside WorkQuest wallet, the WorkQuest Bridge launch.
2. The WorkQuest DAO, as well as validator functionality launch.
3. $WUSD Stablecoin. The $USDT collateral pool launch.
4. $WUSD Stablecoin. The $USDC collateral pool launch.
5. The WorkQuest platform and its general functionality: quests, quest search, chats, search for employees, search for employers, paid services, etc. (liquidity mining, bridge, $WQT purchase).
6. WorkQuest Referral program.
7. The WorkQuest Mobile App release.
8. The WorkQuest Wallet Mobile App release.

Stay tuned for more updates! 🚀

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