AMA with Andrii Kotsur, the CEO of WorkQuest

5 min readJun 29, 2021

Last Friday the Founder and CEO of WorkQuest, Andrii Kotsur, was answering your questions at a video AMA! He covered the topics of the utility of the WorkQuest tokens, origins of the project’s name, plans for the future and many more.

Study the Interview in greater detail below and watch the full version on our YouTube channel!

Q: It’s quite unfortunate that many projects have infiltrated the market with just white papers without having any genuine use cases. What are the main utilities of your coin?
A: How tokens will be used in the Work Quest Blockchain:
Work Quest Token (WQT):
-Platform DAO management/Voting rights
-Referral program
-Paid services
-Liquidity mining
-Reserve collateral fund
Work USD (WUSD):
-Payment between Employer and Employee
-WUSD Liquidity mining
-WUSD Savings product
-Retirement savings program
-P2P insurance
-Deposit and Withdrawal by bank card

Q: Do you plan to create new use cases for the $WQT token to increase its value? If so, what will they be targeted first?
A: So, the team is already working on developing ideas for additional functionality that we will implement in the next versions of the product. First of all, the main goal is to increase real cases for using the token in real life.

Q: I am intrigued by the name of your project! So, could you tell me what is the origin of it and what does it have to do with your project in general?
A: I used to run a recruiting agency and saw how difficult it was sometimes to find a suitable option for an individual employee. The name of the project appeared at the moment when I, as a founder, started to develop a project idea and saw that the search for real qualified workers was turning into a real quest, the same trend was also observed in other projects. This is how the solution to this difficult problem and the name of the project WorkQuest appeared.

Q: Do $WQT holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote about the project?
A: Yes, our $WQT users and holders will be able to influence the development of the project by participating in voting in the WorkQuest DAO. They will also be able to offer their proposals for implementation in the ecosystem of the project that could improve and expand its functionality. To vote or delegate your vote, you only need 100 WorkQuest tokens.

Q: How will you deal with laws on salary payments and fiscality?
A: Regarding salaries, this is a two-way relationship that is regulated between employer and employee and regulated through a smart contract. Therefore, we will not be able to influence this in any way. We plan to add functionality where, if you wish, you can form a document on your receipt of funds during the selected period of time. This will greatly simplify the communication between employees and tax authorities and will allow you to send reports for paying taxes if required.

Q: Will you take part in major exchanges?
A: Yes, definitely in the future. We would like to list $WQT on all major exchanges. We are also negotiating with some of them to understand their requirements and fulfill them.

Q: Do you have any plans to grow the team and new partnerships?
A: Of course, we are preparing news of our new partnerships immediately after the launch of the working version of the platform, which will help us expand the functionality of the platform and increase the number of real cases of using the WorkQuest ecosystem tokens. Please subscribe to our social networks so you don’t miss anything!

Q: I would like to contribute more and be able to help the project, how can the community help?
A: Thanks for your support of the project. At this stage, you could help promote news and updates about WorkQuest and attract new people to become familiar with the idea and concept of the project. We also invite you to be a tester of our product to help identify possible deficiencies. Be sure to join our referral program to expand our WorkQuest user base.

Q: Would it be possible to keep a publication of daily activities?
A: With regard to plans and reports on our work, at the end of each month we publish a plan for the next month with the scope of tasks that we will complete this month. If you would like to check how development is progressing every day, you can do it using our official GitHub page:

Q: Will work quest focus on particular jobs within the tech industry or it will be for every job available?
A: Of course, our goal is to make all types of work available on the WorkQuest platform. We focus on the following target audience: employees (short-term and long-term work), freelance audiences, companies looking for qualified personnel, persons looking for employees, HR companies, students for internships and part-time jobs.

Q: Is there a growing interest in the project in the future?
A: The team does everything necessary to ensure that interest in the project grows. At first, we focused on product development so that the community could actively test the WorkQuest platform and test Work Net network. After that, gradually integrate additional functionality that will allow users to receive additional income and we will focus on marketing. Be sure to follow our news to keep abreast of everything!

Q: When can we expect first demo of the app and what are your marketing efforts?
A: We are currently preparing the release of the second version of the demo platform WorkQuest with an updated design and basic functionality. We plan to launch in the next month, so the community will be able to take part in the test. We are also planning a series of videos that will explain the functionality of the platform and how to use it.

Q: When you can count on the entry of $WQT on some centralized stock exchange?
A: We can expect $WQT to be listed on some centralized exchange in the next few months. We are negotiating with several medium-sized exchanges and also with major exchanges to achieve the conditions required for a $WQT listing.

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