Are you taking care of your retirement? You’d better be!

The modern world is full of uncertainties, from the global pandemic and its uncertain aftermath to longer-term questions about the environment, geopolitics, and inflation.

Did you know that savings expectations for a comfortable retirement increased by 10% to $1.04 million in 2021?

Make your retirement savings more effective and adjust them to your own needs on the WorkQuest platform!

After completing the work, each platform user can use the retirement accumulation program, in which he selects a percentage of the total amount that will be automatically deposited to his savings account with an interest rate.

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🔒We are doing everything possible to secure the WorkQuest platform for our users.

Both the employer and the employee create profiles and complete the KYC process. The platform does not store data centrally; instead, it stores data in blockchains and decentralized oracles.🔍

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WorkQuest will use a fair and transparent rating system, ensuring no rating and reviewing fraud or falsified feedback.

The parties award scores based on a scale of one to five following the completion of the transaction. The feature of leaving and reviewing employees’ and employers’ feedback is accessible to all the registered users.

Such a transparent rating system ensures the parties have an opportunity for a thorough review of each other’s track record before entering into a contract.

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📣Attention, attention! An important announcement for those taking part in the WorkQuest blockchain (WorkNet) testing!

💡The WorkNet blockchain has been upgraded to a beta version. Here’s what has changed:

👉Troubleshooting of the errors identified earlier in the audit.
👉More stable detection performance.
👉Improved work with contracts.

Network name: WorkQuest DEV
Chain ID: 20220112
Currency symbol: WUSD

📌Please note that the chain ID has changed. The ID can be replaced in the live network.

Add a new $WQT Token address:


👉Fill in the form to receive test $WQT/$WUSD tokens:

Stay tuned for more updates!🚀

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At WorkQuest, we aim to bring the innovative technologies of modern time to the Global Labor Market. Join our Platform and enjoy the advantages of a blockchain-based jobs marketplace:

🔹 Real-time smart contract creation
🔹 Fast and transparent transactions
🔹 Low fees
🔹 Secure ratings and reviews
🔹 Security of data
🔹 and many more!

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WorkQuest is the global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered by DeFi and smart contracts, and governed by a DAO!

WorkQuest is a cutting-edge single-interface platform that seamlessly connects employers and employees globally. WorkQuest aims to address global labor market problems such as skill shortages, market fragmentation, and data insecurity.

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Global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered on smart-contracts