5 Facts about the WorkNet Blockchain You Need to Know

1️⃣ All transactions and user data within the WorkQuest platform are safely secured on a multi-asset public PoS (Proof-of-stake) blockchain based on Cosmos SDK.

2️⃣ WorkNet Blockchain physically exists in the form of database replicas, which are stored on each of the full nodes.

3️⃣ There are several components of the network.

👉 Workers, who collect data coming directly to the blockchain.
👉 Data, which are blocks and transactions of different types for performing functions such as sending, buying, selling, etc.
👉 In addition, several identical services are required for redundancy purposes; so that not lose any information at any stage of the process.

4️⃣ WorkNet Blockchain ensures the full transparency and trust for the WorkQuest users.

5️⃣ You already have a chance to try out the WorkQuest Bridge, WorkQuest Explorer, DAO as well as the purchasing the $WQT token within the WorkNet blockchain network.

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