🗓️ Development Plan for October 🍁

We are glad to welcome you to our friendly 👥WorkQuest Community. Be sure to follow our new tracks.

🔥We are continually working on our project to create a reality. We have prepared a lot of new things for you in the coming month, such as attractive appetizing development plans, 📋 new cooperations, inspiring Ideas for every day, and many others.

👣 Any change in our lives is our common step towards success. Let’s explore the labor market and the crypto industry together, combining the useful with the necessary, according to WorkQuest.🚀

What’s in store for us this month?🤔

🔖- Restarting the liquidity mining program for the ETH/WQT pool;
🔖- The WorkQuest Wallet App update.👉 New features are coming!;
🔖- WorkQuest Pitch Deck update;
🔖- $USDT and $USDC integration in WorkQuest Bridge;
🔖- New partnerships with PVL.SOLUTIONS developers team 🤝and RD2 marketing team;
🔖- Continued development of DeFi products.

👉 Also, we are transferring and finalizing a few releases from September. We know you’ve been waiting for this😉

🔖- $WUSD Stablecoin. The $USDT collateral pool launch;
🔖- $WUSD Stablecoin. The $USDC collateral pool launch;
🔖- The WorkQuest platform’s general functionality includes quests, quest search, chats, search for employees, search for employers, paid services, etc.💱 (liquidity mining, bridge, $WQT purchase);
🔖- WorkQuest Referral Program🤩
🔖- The WorkQuest Mobile App release 🚀

Follow our updates! 👣The interest continues.
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