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The Labor Market is constantly developing, just like the other significant markets.

It is expected that in the nearest future, all the workers and employers will prefer to use decentralized platforms to build relationships with each other. Why? Let’s look at some benefits of such a format of the dealership:

  1. No unnecessary fees. You find a worker/job at a decentralized platform; no party could charge fees for transactions between workers and employers. It means that both parties don’t have to share their assets with any 3rd parties.
  2. Transparency. By allowing algorithms to control all the transactions, completion of tasks/jobs, and…

$WQT-LP staking is now LIVE:

DeFi Wizard is a dashboard for building DeFi (decentralized finance) smart contracts with a few clicks, it offers real time programmer analytics and allows you to create smart contract for ERC20 / BEP20 / EDST, staking, yield farming, governance, cross-chain bridge, gas less relayer baked in.”


  1. Add WQT-BNB liquidity on PancakeSwap.
  2. Connect your wallet to DeFi Wizard WorkQuest page above.
  3. Approve and lock your WQT-BNB CAKE LP tokens.
  4. Claim rewards once they are distributed.

Through this partnership, users who provide liquidity to the $WQT/BNB pair will be rewarded from a prize pool of 1,000,000 $WQT through DeFi Wizard.

About DeFi Wizard

DeFi Wizard is a one-click wizard that supports new projects venturing into crypto and blockchain by offering services to create token contracts, yield farming contracts in a single click.

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About WorkQuest

WorkQuest is the online Marketplace and decentralized Payment Provider connecting employers with employees anywhere in the world powered by Smart Contracts governed by DAO. The platform incentivizes employers and employees to deal honestly and prudently using…

Security and transparency of transactions are key concerns of WorkQuest, that is why we’ve developed a system of roles that include:

Validator — keeps the blockchain replica on their equipment, verifies transactions, forms block chains, and takes part in consensus-building process.

Delegator — leases their funds to a validator for future transactions.

User — all other members of the blockchain.

Do you want to study more? Visit our website:

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WorkQuest is the next step in the labor market. The platform uses the latest available technology to make sure both workers and employers can keep their relationships secure, transparent, and open.

The fundamental technology is blockchain. In simple words, blockchain is a chain of blocks containing all the information about Quests, transactions, users, etc., securely. Noone can delete this information because it is copied to each block kept on each network node. If one wants to break the system, they need to break innumerable nodes at the same time. It is close to impossible. At the same time, the information…

The Cosmos SDK is a developer resource, also known as the “Base Coin.” The main goal of the SDK is to reduce the complexity of creating ABCI for general blockchain functionality and allow developers to focus on custom applications in a standardized environment.

Developers can take this basic framework with built-in tokens, management, partitioning — all the essential features needed for a blockchain-and then add the desired functionality with plugins — basically the application layer of the Cosmos network. Tendermint Core is responsible for the consensus in the Cosmos Hub.

The blockchains that are linked to the Hub maintain their…

Here is a brief description of what is planned in the nearest future.

06/01–06/11 — finalization of the mobile adaptive of the main WorkQuest platform.

06/01–06/19 — layout of additional platform functionality.

06/01–06/14 — development of a backend for the admin panel (user lists, viewing quests, disputes)

06/01–06/19 — development of a mobile application (messaging functionality, portfolio, search on the map)

06/01 — start of the implementation of the p2p insurance smart contract. Blockchain setup.

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In the picture attached, you may study the straightforward explanation of what WorkQuest Blockchain Blocks are made of. Basically, here’s only the necessary data to ensure all transactions made are valid and transparent.

More information here:

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A brief look into WorkQuest’s stack of technology

To run our services and correctly connect Cosmos SDK and Tendermint, we chose to use Golang as the coding language. It serves well for the implementation of WorkQuest’s functionality. Precisely, Golang fits best for mastering node software called validators.

Besides Golang, TypeScript is used for coding backend modules. We decided to use this language because it has a strict type of structure. It is convenient in the development process. Also, TypeScript perfectly complies with JavaScript and is supported by all modern browsers. One more important feature we took into consideration was the…

BlackDragon published an AMA session with the WorkQuest founder and CEO Andrii Kotsur!

💡 Global job marketplace for any type of work using cryptocurrency.

Andrii Kotsur told BlackDragon what he did before crypto, how he got involved in crypto, and if he had any other crypto ventures before WorkQuest. He also described the project in a 60-seconds-time version. And provided a few concrete examples of how the platform actually works and which functions it has.

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Global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered on smart-contracts

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