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Today the WorkQuest team is extremely excited to announce the launch of the second beta version of our platform before we go live in Q3. We decided to make this version available in demo format, so that our Community can see the progress the development and product teams have made since our token launch, earlier this year.

Our Demo version incorporates the following new functionality:
🔹Updated platform design
🔹Completed backend functionality
🔹Completed integration between backend and the frontend
🔹WorkQuest platform is now fully responsive for mobile
🔹A new admin panel (view user lists, quests, disputes, etc.) …

Happy to announce WorkQuest’s partnership with Datami! Datami are our partners in cybersecurity, auditing and testing WorkQuest platform, Work Net blockchain and smart contracts!

About Datami

Datami guarantees reliable protection for the websites. Pentest, protection against DDoS attacks, site hacking and data loss. Treatment and diagnosis of sites.

Visit their Website to find out more.

About WorkQuest

WorkQuest is the online Marketplace and decentralized Payment Provider connecting employers with employees anywhere in the world powered by Smart Contracts governed by DAO. The platform incentivizes employers and employees to deal honestly and prudently using its Rating System, with all feedback stored on the blockchain. As the platform acts as a facilitator of transactions between employer and the employee, it also enables unique and innovative DeFi products for users, such as Savings, Retirement & Disability Insurance.

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The WorkQuest platform Launch is coming, so, we’d like to explain how the platform works in greater detail.

User Registration

First, the user of the service will need to register on the platform as an employer or an employee. After that, the user will have an opportunity to create a profile, which can easily be changed to an employer or employee status, depending on the needs of the user.

Quest Creation

The employer creates a quest (which is basically a vacancy) and fills in the necessary information on the conditions, urgency, announced costs, geolocation, etc. …

The WorkQuest DAO is an internet-native entity with no central management which is regulated by a set of automatically enforceable rules on a public blockchain, and whose goal is to operate autonomously and incentivize people to achieve a common mission — the Decentralized, Grassroots, Transparent, Open and Fully global Labor market.

What’s so advantageous about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations?
The overarching advantage of a DAO is that it aims to solve problems that modern corporations and organizations have.

Most of these issues have to do with the management of organizations, and a DAO can resolve that by implementing an autonomous structure…

Liquidity mining is a DeFi mechanism in which participants supply cryptocurrencies into liquidity pools, and are being rewarded with fees and tokens based on their share of the total pool liquidity.

WorkNet smart contract also offers its users a liquidity incentive program.

Users receive WUSD for providing liquidity on automated market maker (AMM) platforms such as Uniswap. The more liquidity you provide, the larger the share in the WUSD pool you receive. The liquidity providers can participate in the seeding of WUSD by providing liquidity to the WUSD/ETH trading pair on Uniswap and receiving a WUSD reward. Earn WUSD stablecoins to provide liquidity to the Uniswap WUSD/ETH pool. Fixed amount of WUSD will be distributed every month.

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Is it possible to have a passive income with WorkQuest?


After you complete any Quest (Job task), you can lock any amount of your WUSD on deposit. In this case, you will provide liquidity to WorkQuest, and it will bring you back 5% per annum regardless of the amount of WUSD you can deposit.

Do you want to try passive income? It’s high time to try now!

Visit our Website for more!

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Since the emergence of Bitcoin and its Proof-of-Work, lots of progress has been made to find new consensus algorithms. Everything has been reviewed:

• Network bandwidth
• Network scaling
• Resistance to a whole class of new attacks, specific to blockchain networks

One of these innovative technologies is Tendermint, a core technology used in the WorkQuest blockchain. Tendermint is an advanced consensus solution based on BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance).

Tendermint consists of two main components: the consensus engine and the application interface. The consensus engine is called Tendermint Core and is responsible for ensuring that the same transactions are recorded…

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the year of 2029 employment is projected to grow from 162.8 million to 168.8 million, which marks an increase of 6.0 million jobs. This, however, reflects an annual growth rate of 0.4 percent, slower than the 2009–19 annual growth rate of 1.3 percent, which was bolstered by recovery from the 2007–09 Great Recession. Meanwhile, labor productivity is projected to increase from 1.1 percent annually over the 2009 to 2019 period, to 1.8 percent annually from 2019 to 2029.

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The labor market has become extremely globalized these days. Globalization is contributing to increased integration of labor markets and closing of the wage gap between workers in advanced and developing economies.

There are several reasons for that, including:

- International migration of population
- Rapid growth of global trade and foreign direct investment flow
- Rapid technological changes
- Development of global infrastructure

We are very far from a global labor market, as evidenced by a wide disparity in wages. According to numerous studies, the median wage for jobs in developed countries is two and a half times the wage…

Are you worried about your retirement?

You’d better be. The research shows that more than half of the US population doesn’t have any pension funds. Basically, most people don’t even think of what they will live for after they retire.

With WorkQuest, you can quickly grow your pension assets. All you need to do is lock any desired percentage of the earned WUSD and lock it up. Also, you can set the algorithm so that it would close some percentage each time you complete Quests automatically.

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Global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered on smart-contracts

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